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Ringside Preachers

Jan 22, 2017

Banned in North Korea, Lichtenstein, and the indigenous Ichoteby tribes of the remote edges of the Andes, Ringside will not be denied! Enjoy a great episode recorded at Don Hall's lounge in Ft Wayne! It's like you're right there with a Negroni in your hand! Our usual hosts , Ross Engel, Paul Koch and Joel A Hess are joined by Pastors Tim Barkett and David Rufner! Topics include: why seminary? Do babies always believe right after baptism? Eleanor Roosevelt was wrong about small and big minds! Pastor Rufner updates us on Haiti. Pastor Barkett tells about his experience as a cop, being hit by a van, and God's call that will not be denied! Plus the intern is up to no good! music: intro The dead Bees "I love my man" Joel Allen Hess / willing viriginia on soundcloud - "I'll be coming home again!"