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Ringside Preachers

Mar 26, 2017

We know a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy who rose from the dead! Want to know more about the REAL historical Jesus? check out these tragically hip DJs' take on all sorts of topics! Gather the family around the radio, call grandma. we are on in 3-2-1- topics: 1. GOD HAS TWO KINGDOMS? Its important to make a distinction when talking about the responsibilities of people or entities. Should the government do what churches do? vice versa? 2. SMELLS LIKE TEEN SPIRIT! Is it healthy for people to get excited about their school? is it petty and silly? does it point to the resurrection? hmmm 3. DONATISM-CIRCUMCELLIONS-CAN A PERSON WHO DENIED JESUS BE ACCEPTED AS A PASTOR? there was a time when the Roman empire had whole other church body that wanted to keep the people pure and sin out! sound like some christians today? 4. The short and tragic life of Robert Peace - book review. Story of a fella who got out of the hood, earned a degree from yale, yet fell back into the hood even death! nature vs. nurture 5. BY NATURE SINFUL AND UNCLEAN. we confess it every sunday but is it true? is that the best wording? were we made sinful? is our sin something we can remove from ourselves? 6. NUMBER ONE HEALTH HAZARD IS LONELINESS FOR MEN! Boston Globe article explores something we have been saying for years; men need to hang out with friends and be men. what does this look like? hosts: reverends Ross Engel, Paul Koch, & Joel Allen Hess music: intro-dead bees, i love my man, outro-joel a hess, broke resources - book of concord, the short and tragic life Robert Peace, letters to a diminished church-dorothy sayers,