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Ringside Preachers

Jun 11, 2017

Wow. Forgive us for losing a week. We were temporarily defeated in an existential jiujitsu match by our doppelgängers. OK, we had technological difficulties and turned it into a break. But we are back! Sorry naysayers, haters and people who watch Mad About You reruns! And we had a fantastic guest, Cindy Koch to done learn us about God's view of womanhood! We thank Burning Bush for sponsoring this week's episode! TOPICS: 1. HOW IMPORTANT IS IT TO MARRY SOMEONE OF THE SAME FAITH? Why is that a goo thing? or is it? Does it increase the success of the marriage? Does St. Paul really say that the unbelieving spouse might be saved by the believer? 2. FATHER'S DAY TRADITIONS. Got any? Tyler does. He describes a wonderful get together for the men of his family that has been going on for a couple of generations! Unfortunately for Paul and Ross it involves golf and sentimentality. 3. SHOULD A WOMAN BE SILENT IN CHURCH? That's crazy. Mrs. Cindy Koch gives us a hint at her soon to be published book that touches that subject. 4. YOUR DESIRE WILL BE FOR YOUR HUSBAND AND HE WILL RULE OVER YOU? Does this have something to do with the tensions we experience now? Cindy guides through some thought provoking proposals! 5. ROSS ENGEL HAS BEEN INSTALLED AS A CHAPLAIN OF THE US NAVY. Ross describes the experience and the need of chaplaincy. 6. DO YOU HAVE TO BELIEVE IN THE TRINITY IN ORDER TO BE SAVED! Of course right? Well what does that mean? Do you have to understand the trinity? MUSIC - #Robert Frost reads Fire and Ice, dead bees, joel allen hess RESOURCES - Robert Frost, Athanasius - On the incarnation of the word, look for Cindy Koch's book - Woman, the untold story. Nassim Taleb - Black Swan