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Ringside Preachers

Nov 13, 2017

The system is broke. The Man is AWOL. The prisoners are running the prison. And you just found out you are adopted! There is one voice to make sense of this chaos. Ringside! While you are getting ready for the apocalypse turn us on! This week: While Ross pursues his dreams of being a Disney Princess, Paul and Joel invite Cindy to fill in. Got a favorite Bourbon? Great question from one of our listeners. Our hosts give their choices topics: 1. Does the Bible offer direction on Gun Control? Should pastors talk about gun control at all? Any guidelines from our Lord? 2. Is it ok for Christians to cry at funerals? If I had a nickel for how many times someone asked me to not do a funeral but a celebration I would be able to buy the box set of recordings by Cake. 3.Do Christians too quickly say "i'll pray for you" and not do anything for people? You've heard the criticism of christians who are against gun control and offer prayers to victims of gun violence. Do they have a point? 4. Victimhood. Should victims take any responsibility for their situation? In terms of Harvey Weinstein did the ladies have a choice? What would tell your daughter or son? 5. Thor is an awesome superhero movie! Why do we like superhero movies? Are there too many? Are we going to hear another annoying Tolkien quote 6. What does Jesus mean when he says we should forgive someone 7 times 70 WRITINGS: Tyger, Tyger - William Blake When God becomes my Enemy -Ingvar Floysnik On Fairy Stories - JRR Tolkien Music - dead bees, Joel Allen Hess