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Ringside Preachers

Dec 11, 2017

Said the little girl dropped off by her grandma's boyfriend to get some government breakfast before school, "Do you hear what I hear?" Ringside! Keeping it real since 2016. This is the podcast for the working man, the tired mother, the lineman just making ends meet and the lady tending bar while her kids are with her mother. This is the podcast for the common guy who enjoys belting out Sweet Child o mine on a Friday night in unison with his buddies and for a moment forgets all his troubles. Alas all our hosts and the intern are together again! TOPICS! 1. PAUL, CALIFORNIA FIRES, CHURCH RESPONSE - Church as a gang, taking care of one another and its community 2. SANTA IS REAL, I HAVE HIS THIGH BONE! Who was the real St. Nick? Perhaps he provides the perfect example (next to Mary) of the Christian who is both compassionate and faithful to God's teachings 3. 10 ASSUMPTIONS to DUMP IN OUR POST CHRISTIAN CULTURE. We go over actually a couple of them - biblical literacy, consistent worship attendance 4. JUSTICE. Why do we love justice? Why is satisfying to see wrong righted? Does God care about justice? Or He is just a forgiver and a nice guy? 5. JOHN THE BAPTIST-How did he get in our cozy little manger scene? What does repentance have to do with Christmas? MUSIC - Dead bees, Joel Allen Hess