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Ringside Preachers

Nov 20, 2018

Forget watching the Lions lose on turkey day. Gather the family around the radio, pour a hot toddy and enjoy the latest from these sinner saints. proud member of the 1517 podcast network - like us on facebook, instagram share and subscribe on iTunes topics; 1. Why is the Devil in the Garden? Classic question by the kids yet pondered by young and old. Why does God allow evil? Did He not know? 2. Should you have a country's flag in the sanctuary? Why and why not? Does it really matter? Should you get in a cage fight for this? 3. God's providence? To whom does it extend? Are only Christians blessed with good things? Why is important to give thanks? 4. Mark 13. Jesus tells us to watch out! Will we miss Him when He comes again? How do we stay awake and watch for Jesus? music: Dead Bees, Joel Allen Hess - soundcloud: willingvirginia for more tunes