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Ringside Preachers

Jul 14, 2019

We are back! Summer has interfered joyfully with our weekly scheduled but have no fear cheapseats! Take a listen Thank you to Rev. James Hopkins of 1st Lutheran in Boston for joining us. Stop by Pastor Hopkins church if you are in the beautiful city of Boston! topics: 1. The poor you will always have with you! Should churches be involved in helping the needy? how? Can it take the place of preaching the Gospel? 2. Leadership traits from Jesus. Can we learn anything from Jesus as far as leadership principles? Do we need Jesus to teach us about leadership. Is it ridiculous to write books about Jesus leadership traits? 3. Hugging. Do you hug? Should you? Can you hug too much? 4. Repentance - Augsburg Confession article on repentance. Can a person who has fallen away come back to the church? Should it be a process or waiting period? 5. Cremation! Is it a sin? Does God care? Why were churches against it up through the 20th century? music: Dead bees, Samuel Martin Hess