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Ringside Preachers

Sep 30, 2019

In order for many of our cosmic predictions to work, there must exist some sort of dark matter, matter not seen. If it was possible to travel it is extremely likely that we would already know that. What is more frightening; discovering alien beings or that we are alone in the universe? We will answer none of these questions but instead far more significant issues! brought to you by, topics: 1. What if I don't feel the spirit in me? Does the holy spirit give off a feeling? how do I know if I have it? What does someone with the Spirit look like? 2. Can reading scripture on your phone affect how you understand it? Is there a danger reading scripture digitally vs. in a book. Does it affect context? who cares? 3. Augsburg Confession - praying to the Saints. Is this really a big deal? Is this the main difference between Rome and others? Do our dead loved ones hear us?