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Ringside Preachers

Nov 18, 2019

Ask people what book of the bible they want to study? 8 out of 10 will say revelation or revelations. Why not? There are giant dragons, locust monsters and 4 headed creatures - oh and a whore. Well Jesus is coming again. Is it going to get crazy? Are we in the end times now? Find out today! check us out on facebook page, instagram, website topics: 1. The Dangers of Studying Revelation. How can people mess up this book? What are some pitfalls in reading it? Is it necessary for understanding Jesus' coming and the end of the world? 2. Who is the AntiChrist? Are things going to get worse? Who is the antichrist? Is he here now? How do I know him? 3. Now and Not Yet. These are the end times and the last day is coming. We live in two realities right now. We are saved and we are being saved. 4. How to be ready for Judgement day? Are there things to do? Should we be on our best behavior? How do we get ready? 5. Are boots with zippers ok for men to wear? Thanks David Rufner for giving us the annoyance of the week. Yes they probably drink White Claw as well! Shout out! Listeners from Tiberius Israel and Faulkton South Dakota Music: Dead Bees, Joel Allen Hess Books: Commentary on Revelation by Louis Brighton, Revelation and the end of all things by Craig Koester