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Ringside Preachers

Nov 25, 2019

Alas the most important festival of the Church year is upon us. Well it's a good one right? Gather with family, enjoy a feast, and give thanks to God! Also, get ready for some thanksgiving sermons that make you feel guilty about it all! #thanksliving hardee har topics: 1. Luke 17:11-17, Ten Lepers are healed. One returns to give thanks. What is the point of this passage? Is Jesus really mad that no one returned to give thanks? Why a foreigner? 2. Building the Kingdom. Please don't use this bizarre phrase. It confuses a lot of biblical teachings! Relax, It's God's reign. 3. Pastors can struggle with the faith. Like any job, workers can get burned out. Is it possible for pastors to be neck deep in scripture yet still struggle with believing? music: i love my man by the Dead Bees, Christmas Bells by Joel Hess