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Ringside Preachers

Feb 19, 2017

20th episode anniversary! We have successfully slipped by the Man on our crusade of honesty across the internets! Death to mediocrity! crash and burn or light the sky! Topics: 1. should non pastors/church workers care about deep and detailed theology? 2 Men need dens/studies to imagine and reflect 3. Matthew 18 is used way to often as if Jesus set up a new bureaucracy 4. Who do pastors think they are preaching to? saved or unsaved? 5. Do freed sinners in Christ have obligations or duties? 6. Is it ok that my pastor drives a Ferrari? 7. The glories of bruises and struggle in Jiu Jitsu! Enjoy - tell your friends - whisper it on the streets! We are going anywhere. MUSIC intro - Dead Bees, outro - Willing Virginia ft. joel hess If love doesn't kill us