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Ringside Preachers

Sep 3, 2017

This ain't like eating steak from some steakhouse chain, this is home grilled home raised beef that one first place at the county fair - Medium rare and the only seasoning is a little salt and pepper and the blood its cooked in. Grab a fork and dig in! After talking about the fight the gentlemen tackle the following issues: 1. THE NASHVILLE STATEMENT. Do you agree or not? Is it the perfect statement or could it have been said better? 2. JAGGED WORD FIELD GUIDE TO BEING A MAN AND 25 Things to teach your son by Aaron Conrad. Never step into a pool always jump in? great stuff to think about 3. IS IT EVERY OK TO LIE? Do you need to tell the truth all the time? What do you tell your kids? 4.GREAT STUDY HABITS! Tune in and get some tips from the guys about how remember stuff - also a great book suggestion 5. SHOULD CHRISTIANS CELEBRATE LABOR DAY? Why YES! What does John the Baptist think? BOOKS - Cal Newport - Deep Work, Paul Koch - jagged word field guide to being a man, woman the forgotten story-Cindy Koch