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Ringside Preachers

Sep 11, 2017

The #1 podcast recommended by by theologians, Chainsaw connoisseurs and Detroit Taxi drivers for those waiting out a hurricane! And its FREE! So take 2! Get it before it runs out! You will not be a disappointed! It's the Cat's Meow! SPONSOR- RAYCO'S BLASTER, the blow up Pastor! TOPICS: 1. WHAT DO YOU TELL A VICTIM OF A NATURAL DISASTER? Its' God's plan? At least you're not that guy? 2. WHAT THE HECK IS CONFIRMATION, WHY? AND HOW? Involve the dad's!!!! 3. HOW SOON AND HOW MUCH LEARNIN' to RECEIVE HOLY COMMUNION? Do you have to know about premillennialism or how Leviticus foreshadows Christ in order to take communion ? How young? How 'dumb'? 4. CAN THERE BE TOO MUCH BIBLE STUDY!!!???? Hmmmm. Should one do bible studying at home by oneself? Why do bible study if I go to church regularly? music - dead bees - i love my man, Lilia Hauenstein - the end