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Ringside Preachers

Nov 6, 2017

“La mayoría de la muerte de la gente es una farsa, no queda en ellos nada que pueda morir” Charles Bukowski. We are born dead on arrival. We are reborn ex nihilo simultaneously at the end of our journey and its beginning; a singularity in Christ. After a frank discussion about erasing last weeks episode and the feeling of complete guilt, the gentlemen delve into a number of topics. Apologies to Ross who proves to be an important leg to this stool. Topics: 1. WHAT IS A SAINT? We use the word all the time. It maybe the most important word one should know even though its been infamously misunderstood in church history. Are you a saint? 2. HOW TO HANDLE CONFLICT. Do Christians wrongly think they should avoid it. any secrets to dealing with it? 3. WHAT IS AN INDULGENCE? Non Roman Catholics bandy this word about all the time, but they probably don't understand exactly what it is. 4. THE BEATITUDES, BLESSED ARE THE.... Blessed doesn't mean happy for the love of all that rocks! Is Jesus giving new rules for Christian living? Why are the Beatitudes GOOD NEWS!! 5. THE IMPORTANCE OF FAILURE. The best thing that can happen to you is complete and utter failure - like deleting a podcast episode hess. It makes a man.