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Ringside Preachers

Dec 18, 2017

Well the weather outside is frightful! Whether you are escaping fires in LaLa land or recovering from non stop snow, find a safe dry warm place, snuggle up with your loved one, put down a couple shots of fresh cold christmas Sake and listen to our special pre christmas extravaganza Before we get started we make fun of grinches who despise the phrase, "happy holidays" and then tear apart the classic liberal fantasy christmas song, "Do they know its christmas" TOPICS: 1. Why trust the story of Jesus' birth? There are only two accounts and there are other stories of famous heroes and gods who have extraordinary births. Was this just added in later? 2. CAN A SEMINARY HAVE PRO EVOLUTION SPEAKERS SPEAK AT IT? Does St. Louis Concordia Seminary endorse evolution as a plausible creation story? 3. Will WE RECOGNIZE OUR LOVED ONES IN HEAVEN? Common question. The guys give clear answers and why this might be a popular question 4. WHAT TO GET A MAN FOR CHRISTMAS! The gentlemen list various must have items that make perfect gifts for your good friend, father, lover, husband! 5.EMERGENCY BAPTISM. How much should you teach an adult before baptizing? or does that matter? What about if the person is close to death? music: Dead Bees, Karianne Pasma - wexford carol