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Ringside Preachers

Jan 29, 2018

Like a 12 year scotch this episode has been aging in oak barrels allowing the conversation to blend and infiltrate every...blah blah blah. By God's mighty hand we present to you a fantastic episode with special Donovan Riley. Along with his work with Higher Things and 1517, check out his upcoming contributions to a Commentary on the Psalms by 1517 legacy publishing. Also, ROSS IS BACK!!! We discuss what sequence events would have to take place for him to commandeer a vessel. Like and subscribe, friend us on Facebook (ringsidepreachers) check out our website - TOPICS: 1. BIBLICAL PREACHING. Everyone says they do it, but what exactly does that look like? Is it just reading from the bible, teaching it? Anything more? Can you preach a biblical sermon without quoting the bible or retelling a bible story!? 2. THE MAN. Guys, you don't have to look good to get a bride. You got to take care of business, lead, provide,etc. We witnesses such a hero at Don Halls Ft. Wayne last week! 3. PASTOR DONOVAN RILEY'S 5 MINUTE STORY OF HOW TO BECOME A PASTOR! Great story of God's work with clay kitchenware as Donovan talks about God's interference in his life, from atheism to christianity, from academics to shepherding a flock and getting his hands dirty. 4. JESUS CASTS OUT DEMONS! WHAT? Are Demons real? Do we see them now? We examine the upcoming text for Feb.4 5. AMERICA IS NOT ISRAEL! Please stop equating the history of America with the history of Israel! Thanks again to Pastor Riley for joining us. MUSIC: Dead Bees - i love my man Joel Hess - sons - check out joel on soundcloud under his band name -willingvirginia