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Ringside Preachers

Feb 5, 2018

Looking for a podcast that gives you everything in one episode: Weather, Lifestyle, Celebrity news, Political commentary, Fashion tips, the latest in Blacksmithing, Jesus, sports, and advice on dating? Well look no further! Welcome to Ringside! Sit back, crack open a Hamms, put your feet up and find meaning and purpose in this crazy world. Sorry about some parts of the podcast that do not meet our standard of quality! We have a special guest, Josh Keith, who will tell us a little about Blacksmithing and the lost art making stuff with your hands! Kids, ya don't have to go to college to be smart or serve your community! Friend us on FACEBOOK! Ringsidepreachers, check our webpage like, subscribe, share etc.! TOPICS: 1. LIVING IN SIN VERSUS SINNING! "Pastor, we're all sinners, so how can you tell that guy he shouldn't take communion" Common question you may have asked yourself! Find out the difference. 2. KNIFESMITHING, VOCATIONAL SCHOOLS, MAKING STUFF WITH YOUR HANDS with Josh Keith. Do you feel silly because you don't want to go to college right now? Josh talks about his journey, as well as his joy of making knives! 3. SPARTAN SEX SCANDAL! What is going on at these colleges? Should we just be mad at athletes because they didn't get 'consent'? Is it the coaches fault? Why don't we believe victims sometimes? 4. WHATS THE BIG DEAL ABOUT THE TRANSFIGURATION!? Jesus freaked out the disciples by looking like God for a moment, so what! What does this mean for us today! Check out Josh's knives and buy one for yourself or a friend: Secondsoniron on MUSIC: Dead Bees - I love my man John F. Kennedy - equality speech remix Joel Allen Hess - I'll be coming home again - check his stuff out on SoundCloud - willing virginia