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Ringside Preachers

Feb 18, 2018

Join the Revolution this Lent! Make Ringside part of your podcast rotation. You won't regret it. What other podcast has its own intern! Young Sam Hess joins us while we wait for our intern to finish up at the carwash! TOPICS: 1. Why Lent? Does Lent have a good and godly purpose? Is it just vacuous tradition? Can it be abused? 2. Deep Work! Listen to a review of the fantastic book, Deep Work, by Cal Newport. Hopefully you will be encouraged to organize your time to the benefit of your study and work. 3. Aristotelian ethics, Jordan Peterson and civic righteousness. Can christians 'fake it till ya make it.' 4. MARK 8 - Who do you say I am? Did Peter not really understand what 'Christ' means? Why does Jesus get mad with him? Why was Peter so shocked by Jesus' death prediction? Music: intro - dead bees, I love my man Outro: Joel Allen Hess, Dog Life books: 12 rules for Life - Jordan Peterson Nicomachean Ethics - aristotle Deep Work - Cal newport