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Ringside Preachers

Mar 5, 2018

Take that ridiculous polo with your church's logo off and put on your smoking jacket and LLBean leather slippers! Treatyoself to some Ringside! It's like listening to Lynn Swann discuss ballet with Saint-Saens. The Concerned Seminarian is back. Tyler is back. Are they or are they not the same person! You decide! Check us out on Facebook - ringsidepreachers. TOPICS: 1. ARGUING IS GOOD FOR THE CHURCH. Stop being afraid of disagreement within the church, its healthy! take it from St. Paul. and our own Paul 2. SHOULD THE GOVERNMENT CARE ABOUT SPORTS RULES? Why is our FBI involved in the NCAA? Or even the Baseball steroid scandal? 3. REPENTANCE ACCORDING TO THE AUGSBURG CONFESSION. Thank you Ramshackle for suggesting that we go through an article of the Book of Concord each week! What does Repentance mean? 4. LIVING BIBLICALLY! New show. Do they get it right? What do some christians think it looks like to live biblically? probably not much different than this asinine show 5. FOR GOD SO LOVED THE WORLD THAT HE.... Do we understand this phrase correctly from John chapter 3? BOOKS MENTIONED Book of Concord - Augsburg Confession. Becoming a Barbarian - Jack Donovan Artwork - cover for soundcloud -Veronica Krogen Music intro - dead bees outro - frogs, joel allen hess