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Ringside Preachers

Mar 19, 2018

If your bracket has been busted and you have some free time on your hands this March, turn on Ringside with the preacher men! It's a win win. We will not let you down! So get that Filet Mignon off the grill, pour that Cognac, sit back and be entertained, informed and #blessed! Jesus loves you! We have a special guest, Kevin the IT guy! Kevin's our brilliant website composer and connection to the information superhighway. Also check out our new game, Which Guy in a Wheelchair Said It? Stephen Hawking or Larry Flynt TOPICS: 1. DOES JESUS CARE ABOUT RELIGIOUS LIBERTY? Philosophers and politicians should care, but not the church. God doesn't need religious liberty! And why would be happy that Muslims and proselyte our kids? 2. WHY PALM SUNDAY? Why does Jesus ride in on a donkey? What's the message He is sending? 3. STEPHEN HAWKING, THE THEORY OF EVERYTHING, CHRISTIAN VOCATION. What did Hawking contribute? Should Christians care? 4. KID CHURCH? For or Against? Why should I force my kids to stay in boring church? ARTWORK - Crucifixion by Pablo Picasso MUSIC: dead bees - i love my man J.S. Bach -Prelude and Fugue 5 Ghost Dogs - She wants to hold you in her heart