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Ringside Preachers

Jun 4, 2018

We are here to serve you! While you sweat during reps or sprints - let us motivate. While you scream at other drivers on the road as you drive to recklessly to work with a jesus fish on your bumper - let us inspire. While you sit on your deck with a can of Strohs in your hand and a copy of Thomas Pynchon's V. in the other, let us talk you off the ledge. We are proud to be a part of the 1517 legacy podcast network - 1517legacy/podcast check our friends out! Check us out a, Facebook/ringsidepreachers, instagram, etc. TOPICS: 1. Does a pastor need to know biblical languages and use them? Why should you expect that from your pastor? Does it help sermons, bible studies? Are you impressed by that? Does he constantly remind you of it to your annoyance? 2. How to write a sermon? Ever wonder how a pastor puts together a sermon? The guys follow a couple different patterns. Or do they just wait for the holy spirit to tell them what to say? 3. If it says Biblical so and so, is it better or better for a christian ? Is there such thing as biblical leadership, diet, work out strategy, etc. Do we have to search for biblical prooftext for every thing we do in life? 4. Mark 4, Genesis 3 Jesus and the devil. What's the story morning glory? Also, notice in Mark how his family thinks Jesus is out of his mind!? Was ist das? music: Dead Bees - I love my man Joel Allen Hess (soundcloud=joelallenhess) - Sons J.S. Bach - Fugue G minor