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Ringside Preachers

Jun 18, 2018

Happy Father's Day! Give the old man what he wants, what he needs! Give him some Ringside. Make him an Old Fashioned. Grab his leather LLBean slippers. Leave him alone for an hour of fascinating discussion, deep laughs and cosmic meditation. Check us out on Facebook,, We are proudly a part of the 1517 podcast network! Check them out for more fine products. the concerned seminarians makes a visit Get ready for a Jagged Word Bible Lands Cruise Topics: 1. When to wear cologne 2. What's the first thing you would tell someone when telling them about Christianity? What would the first session be? 10 Commandments? The Bible? 3. Men should know how to kill things and eat them. Is that true? Should every father teach their son this, or daughter? 4. Jesus calms the sea. Was ist das? Why does He yell at the disciples?