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Ringside Preachers

Aug 3, 2021


  1. Simone Biles: hero or villain?
  2. How do you preach about Satan?
  3. Decent of Christ into Hell
  4. Concerned Seminarian visit
  5. Ephesians 4: darkened and ignorant



Thank you: proud member of the 1517 Podcast Network

and Concordia Seminary, St. Louis




Willing Virginia - black velvet suit, on Spotify, iTunes, SoundCloud

Dead Horse One - I love my man


Other stuff:

“Moonshiner” by Bob Dylan

In the Ring - Podcast Symposium in St. Louis, MO

Community College, St. James Chicago on October 22

Bondage of the Will, Martin Luther

Screwtape Letters, CS Lewis

Formula of Concord