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Ringside Preachers

Apr 6, 2023

We have the means of life but without the resurrection, our life has no meaning. We descend to despair, while we play pretend during Lent. Joel Hess from Ringside Preachers Podcast and Donavon Riley from Banned Books Podcast expose things you won’t hear in church. “The Ringers” talk philosophy, heresy, literature, art, and faith to expand your mind this Lent.



Walter Kaufmann (editor of Nietzsche)


Carl Jung


Slave morality 


Tribal Identity


Therapeutic Worldview and Enthusiasm 


The sacrifice of Isaac  


Giving up something for Lent


Preaching Christ in the Present: there is joy today


Psalm 34


Smalcald Articles


Chronic anxiety from comparison


Exercising in the Law?


Marcus Aurelius: we are made for community


Slipknot “Old does not mean dead. new does not mean best”


We have hope in the resurrection


Pretending during Lent





Long Road by Joel A Hess



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