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Ringside Preachers

Dec 12, 2022

Everything that we do in the name of God is a justification for our impiety. We call it worship, we call it repentance, we call it preparation, but really it’s performative acts. But when the Word becomes Flesh, it is not performance. Jesus comes and this is not a test! Joel Hess from Ringside Preachers Podcast and Donavon Riley from Banned Books Podcast expose things that you won’t hear in church. in this micro-series, “The Ringers” talk philosophy, heresy, art, and faith focused on the Advent of our Lord.






Luther on Genesis


You can’t separate God’s word from Jesus (John 1)


The Mystery of Edwin Drood


Jesus was not performing for an audience


Matthew 5:29


Free in Christ to laugh at Scripture


Human being vs. Creature


The Matrix


Wachowski Brothers


Controlling Death


Childhood’s End, Arthur C. Clarke


Elysium (film)


Bondage of the Will, Martin Luther


Bill Burr


The long boring martyrdom of Christ: His life




Emmanuel by Joel A Hess



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