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Ringside Preachers

Dec 23, 2019

Look what Santa left under the tree! A fresh new episode of Ringside for your listening pleasure as you travel hundreds of miles only to listen to angry Trumpsters or whiny woke aunts argue at the dinner table! Plug in and tune out! Episode highlights 8min - Christmas Tradition game. Guess what are real christmas traditions or not? 17min - Sermons for Christmas. Anything new to give the folks or the same old gospel? 26 min - A puritan Christmas. Do people share their hatred of christmas today? Christians? 38min - Luke 2. What does 'no room in the inn mean? Anything jump out to you when hear the same old Christmas story? 47min - Praying for a resurrection. Young family and their church are praying for a girl to rise from the dead in the next few days. Is this bad. Does God encourage this. Is it possible? music - dead bees, willing virginia (joel hess) check it out on spotify and itunes