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Ringside Preachers

Aug 31, 2021

Put down your goat entrails, tea cups, and tarot cards. Let us forecast your future, interpret your past, and predict your mood!


  1. How should a pastor consider a call?
  2. Toxic people: forgive and forget?
  3. Teaching the Faith to Christians: The Catechisms


Thank you: proud member of the 1517 Podcast Network

and Concordia Seminary, St. Louis




Willing Virginia -I hold my breath on Spotify, iTunes, SoundCloud

Dead Horse One - I love my man


Other stuff:

A Drinking Song, WB Yeats

Enthusiasm in the Holy Ministry, Paul Koch,

Light up your toilet!

Teaching God’s Children his Teaching, Dr. Robert Kolb

Book fo Concord, Tappert

Book of Concord, Kolb/Wengert

Mere Christianity, CS Lewis

Spirituality of the Cross, Gene Veith

Community College, Chicago: Friday, October 22