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Ringside Preachers

Mar 6, 2017

Pope Francis gives us 3 out of 5 stars! If you listened to the Dave Matthews band in college you are going to hate this! Turn off your social media, turn on your Ringside! The preacher men hammer down sundry topics. They also get a visit from Kevin the IT from his hidden corner in the warehouse! give it a listen and tell your friends! subscribe!!! topics: 1. When did you first realize that salvation was a complete gift of God free of charge? 2. Everyone should learn an instrument, your voice included! 3. Is Lectio Divina just lazy bible study? 4. Why did God allow Satan into the garden in the first place!? 5. Is it ok to equate the Crucifixion with the electric chair? Could we wear little electric chairs around our neck? 6. Preachers, please stop using so many illustrations! just cuz you got the ingredients doesn't mean you have a cake! 7. Luther's thoughts on some of the tomfoolery of Lent music: intro- dead bees production - i love my man, outro- i see a light - joel allen hess/willing virginia