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Ringside Preachers

Apr 2, 2017

They say that art is dead! They're right! But we ain't! Turn ringside on and turn everything else off! Our hosts tackle a variety of issues with the finesse of a moose in a precious moments museum. Great commercial from PrayerCare an insurance plan brought to you by the church of christian scientists Topics: 1. A WORD IS WORTH A THOUSAND PICTURES -Joel Hess. Words convey far more meaning that pictures. God uses words when He could have used something else. 2. WHY DONT THE GOSPEL WRITERS GIVE US DETAILS OF CRUCIFIXION? Was it because they assumed their audience was familiar with routine punishments like the cross? Or was it not really important to the writers. They would rather have you understand the cross' meaning? 3. PASTORS ARE THE LEADERS OF THEIR CONGREGATIONS WHETHER THEY LIKE IT OR NOT! Too often pastors pretend that they aren't the leaders. Is the pastor the leader of their flock or is it someone else? what does that look like? 4. IS HEALTH CARE A RIGHT? Maybe health care is, but is health insurance a right? or maybe health care is a right but how much care? what do you think? WWJD? 5. PASTOR, I CAN'T FORGIVE MYSELF! Have you ever thought this? Do you need to forgive yourself? What does God's Word say about the matter? Is God's forgiveness in Christ enough? 6. WHY DO WE NEED MORE BOOKS? What hasn't been said? Do we need yet another book explaining Christianity, Lutheranism, cooking? Why write at all? Does anyone really need your thoughts on something o genius? Share, subscribe, write us, comment - hit us on,, check us out on ringside preachers on Facebook. Email Love to hear from you! music: dead bees, I love my man, Joel Allen Hess - sons pic - Andy Warhol's Jesus