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Ringside Preachers

Jul 23, 2017

100 years from now they will be listening to Ringside on Mars. Why not start now before we "sell out"! Got some great topics for your precious podcast time allotment! Ross is back too! 1. THE JOY OF THE PASTORAL VISIT! Yes that sounds awfully nerdy. give it a listen. Does your pastor visit the sick, members at home, etc.? 2. JESUS LOVES BABIES NOT BECAUSE THEY ARE CUTE AND CUDDLY - BUT HELPLESS AND COMPLETELY UNABLE TO DECIDE TO FOLLOW JESUS! 3. THE PRESS AND THOU SHALT NOT SLANDER. in the newspapers it seems everyone is guilty before they are proven innocent. Can you really print a story about someone doing something wrong before its proven to be the case?! Is that morally wrong? 4. GET OUT THERE AND ROUGH IT! Great lessons are learned when we remove modern conveniences and try to survive with minimum and our skillz! 5. HOLY WORK IS NOT JUST DONE IN THE CHURCH OR ORGANIZED BY THE CHURCH. You don't have to do officially sanctioned church stuff to do church stuff. Being a good mom, loving your neighbor, working at your job - is holy work. 6. THE GOSPEL OF "AT LEAST I'M NOT THAT GUY". Did you ever feel better about yourself because you compared yourself to 'that' guy. Shame on you! You might 'that' guy sooner than later! Krogen Moonshine is the official moonshine of Ringside BOOK REFERENCES: Woman, the forgotten story by Cynthia Koch (amazon,, Great Expectations by Charles Dickens, Music - Dead bees, Joel Allen Hess