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Ringside Preachers

Oct 26, 2017

The Reformation will not be televised! This ain't no tupperware party. This ain't no Elk's club, shopping channel, or that nice vase from Grandma you placed in the corner just enough to be seen but not enough to be showcased. This is Ringside where the Reformation that is the Gospel of Jesus, still marches onward into deathbeds in hospitals, living rooms of the common folk, dorm rooms of lost boys and the flowerbeds of lonely humans. Ringside comes to you live from the Here We Still Stand 500th Anniversary of the Reformation conference put on by and ChristHoldFast! Take a listen TOPICS: 1. Is there a new crisis that needs a new 95 theses? Is there a new devil in the Church that needs to be addressed? Is there a new controversy or false teaching? Or are the concerns of the reformation, the Gospel, still the central concerns of the Church and the central teaching Satan is attacking? 2. Did the reformation come out of a culture surrounded by death unlike today? Did people care more about what God thinks and where they go when they die back then? Do people care now? Do they care about the reformation? GAME SHOW! Which Luther Said it? Martin Luther or Luther Van Dross? 3. Did the Reformation's domestication of Christianity go too far? Are churches so concerned about our every day life that they only preach on 7 steps to better parenting, business management, sex life? 4. Are we done? Did we get it right? Do Churches of the reformation need to move on to something else? Thank you to 1517legacy and Christholdfast for letting us have a little space at their delightful conference. music: dead bees, Beckenhorst Press music-a mighty fortress