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Ringside Preachers

Dec 23, 2018

Hang some mistletoe, kiss your lover, raise a glass of eggnog for Advent is over. Listen to the latest from the motley group! 1517 podcast network - check us out on facebook, instagram - ringsidepreachers topics: 1. Shocking finds about the Christmas Story? What is the strangest thing about the Christmas Story? One girl said she was amazed Jesus survived at all 2. Rising for the Gospel Lesson and Christmas. What does rising for the gospel have to do with Christmas? Why do we do it and not for the rest of God's word. do we have to? 3. GAME- Is this a real Christmas tradition or not! You might be suprised 4. The Word Made Flesh - John 1:1-14. What does it mean? What does 'word' mean in greek? What is John trying to express. Christmas is not just a provincial holiday that's for sure. MUSIC: Dead Bees Records, Joel Allen Hess W.H. Auden - For the Time Being - part of poem read at beginning episode pic - Pal Gauguin's te Tamari no etua