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Ringside Preachers

Aug 15, 2019

The fifth gripping week An absolute must One of the years Best ain't sayin' much Throwin' us trunks As we're starting to drown We're all shook down All shook down Shook down All shook down. - the replacements, all shook down topics: 1. Angry Jesus? Jesus says he came to cast fire and not peace? Was ist das? Is He serious? 2. Skillet singer response to apostate pop christian peeps - breaking down his great response to perhaps shallow Christianity propoganda 3. Gay Penguins nursing rocks! What does that mean? Does an exceptional observations make it natural or normal? 4. Augsburg Confession: Church usages. Do we have to follow traditions of the church? Is it that simple? music: dead bees, joel allen hess - soundcloud - willing virginia