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Ringside Preachers

Oct 13, 2019

While you wait for what is ruined to rise, listen to wisdom from some asses' mouths! Ringside with the preachermen. topics: 1. Norman Nagel. Rest in Peace. We read a couple excerpts from the great theologian and wordsmith's sermons. Paul and Joel share some jovial interactions with the man. 2. The joys of seeing the places where Jesus and disciples walked and biblical events happened. 3. The dangers of pilgrimage to holy places. We don't need to go to Jesus because Jesus comes to us. 4. The Summary of the Augsburg confession. What authority did the reformers draw from for their theology - hint - it isn't just the Bible. 5. 2 Religion marriages. Is it a sin? Is it practical? What are the pitfalls - even between two different church bodies. music - dead bees production, the boy by Joel Allen Hess like us on facebook, itunes, instagram, overcast, etc.