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Ringside Preachers

Apr 30, 2017

If you were looking forward to a couple of guys reading from wikipedia, step away, forget you ever heard of us, and turn your Pentatonix back on. However if you're curious about whether Albert Camus would like the Smiths - we're your podcast! Great topics this week: 1. A YOUNG PASTOR'S FIRST CALL! The guys talk about their experiences at their first churches - good, bad and ugly! 2. CAN SAME SEX COUPLES CLAIM INFERTILITY? Recent story in USA Today (yes I know its not a real newspaper) interviews a same sex couple and their desire to create a kid because they want to look like a real family. and we should pay for it. hmmm 3. WALK TO EMMAUS - Why did Jesus reveal himself in the breaking of bread? Why didn't He immediately reveal himself to the sad dudes. How does Jesus reveal himself today? 4. PASTORS SHOULD READ GREAT FICTION - Art for Art's sake for sure. However there is much to benefit a preacher from reading Camus, Dickens, McCarthy, etc. A lot more to be gained than '7 steps to better active listening' 5.WHAT SHOULD A CONGREGATION EXPECT FROM THEIR NEW PASTOR? In the LCMS the seminaries are ejecting new pastors upon unsuspecting congregations. What should they expect from them? What are pastors supposed to be doing! 6. IS IT POSSIBLE TO REPORT SOMETHING OBJECTIVELY? We seemed to have bought into the postmodern religion that does not believe in objectivity. Is that right? Is it possible? Can we come close or should we just give up on the endeavor entirely? music: Dead Bees - I love my man. I don't wanna be a rock n roll star - Joel Allen Hess, references and recommendations: Cormac McCarthy - the Road, blood meridian, Nassim Taleb - anti-fragile, black swan, Charles Dickens - great expectations, Albert Camus - the Stranger, Plato - the republic, Neil Postman - Amusing ourselves to death, Jocko Willink - Extreme Ownership