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Ringside Preachers

Jul 17, 2017

This is not your grandfather's podcast! You will hear things you can't unhear! Don't be afraid, keep listening. It's like the first time you acquired the taste of a nice cup of black coffee. A whole new world has been opened to you! TOPICS: 1. SUFFERING IS A BLESSING - Reading from Dennis Ngien's wonderful book on Luther's exposition of the lament psalms. great quotes! 2. THE IMPORTANCE OF DANGEROUS MISHAPS WITH FRIENDS. Near death experiences with friends are the best. though they might suck at the time. 3. ROSS REPORTS FROM A CONFIRMATION CAMP IN NORTH CAROLINA. Sorry about sound quality and Ross' accent! 4. SHOULD CHURCH'S PERFORM A BLESSING OF THE ANIMALS. Where does that go wrong? Why wouldn't we thank God for our creatures! 5. HAVE YOU PRAYED OVER YOUR HOME! Does God make a space holy and beneficial? Does our house need to be blessed?