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Ringside Preachers

Aug 6, 2017

We are back and better than ever! Not to drop names, but what other podcast considers the words and works of Charles Baudelaire, Robert Oppenheimer, Ludacris and St. Paul in the same episode. Yeah, and if you listen closely you'll also get a recipe for a presbyterian, nice church body but a better cocktail! Share and Subscribe my friends! topics: 1. SHOULD WE HAVE DROPPED THE BOMB ON HIROSHIMA??? We assume yes, but was it the manly thing to do? Should one fight an adversary face to face? 2. THE CIRCUMCISION PARTY! Sounds like a great party right? Who were those people bugging the early church and earning the bitchy side of Paul? Are there members of that church body around today? hmmm can you say - seventh day adventist 3. IS IT OK TO CRITICIZE OTHER CHURCH BODIES? Paul did it. Is there a good or poor way to accomplish this? Do we have to mention names? Does it mean members of said church bodies are bad or unsaved? 4. MICHELLE CARTER- AMERICAN HERO! Outraged that Michelle Carter told her boyfriend to kill himself? Why not? Whats the difference between that an assisted suicide! Were are all monkeys anyways right? 5. SIN BOLDLY! Everyone loves to take Luther out of context. Did he really say that? What did he mean by that! Should we keep on sinning so that grace may abound!? Music: dead bees, joel allen hess, some french dude playing accordion