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Ringside Preachers

Aug 14, 2017

Finding a great podcast amidst all the bland rice cake christian lite stuff is like finding a microbrew that produces something other than IPAs! Well your search is over! Take a long drink and share it with some friends! We are the Double Bock of broadcasting! Like, follow, share! TOPICS: 1. CINDY KOCH AND HER NEW BOOK - WOMAN: THE FORGOTTEN STORY. Cindy talks about why she wrote it and how it uniquely tells the story of women's identity as God sees it! It is nothing but centered in Jesus Christ! 2. HANDLING CRITICISM. When you write stuff, someone is bound to not like it. Do you just ignore criticism? Do you dwell on it? Do you use it? How do writers handle it? How should they? What is truly criticism and what is disingenuous rabble rousing? 3. VULGARITY AND CHRISTIAN LITERATURE. Should all forms of literature that is meant to address christian issues refrain from any sort of explicit discussion of sex, etc. Should the preacher ever swear? How far is too far? 4. FAVORITE COCKTAIL! What's your favorite cocktail? Have yours changed over the years? What makes a good cocktail? 5. SHOULD PETER HAVE GOTTEN OUT OF THE BOAT AND TRIED TO WALK ON WATER? doesnt seem like it. How is this text preached wrongly. What can we learn from Peter, from Jesus. 6. ROYAL DUTCH AIRLINES ILLOGICAL AD REGARDING SAME SEX RELATIONSHIPS. Are peoples concerns over same sex simply a matter of abstract morality? or adherence to a book not everyone agrees with. Does nature have anything to say about same sex relationships! REFERENCES: WOMAN, THE FORGOTTEN STORY - by Cindy Koch. By it on amazon MR. BOSTON: all new official bartenders and party guide The Gospel according to Matthew - chapter 14 D.N.A. Kendrick Lamar