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Ringside Preachers

Oct 8, 2017

Ever wonder what it would sound like if James Baldwin went to Denny's with Richard Strauss after enjoying a Siouxsee & the Banshees concert in Manchester circa 1979? Well this is as close as it gets! Before they get started the boys enjoy a game called - What Pat Said What? where they try to guess which quote belongs to which pat - pat robertson or patrick star! topics: 1. Is God for gun control? Is he against it? Does He care? 2. Why evil? After Las Vegas shooting many ask why there is evil and if there is evil why does God claim to be good? 3. When should a pastor stop being a pastor? Is there a particular sin that would disqualify a pastor? public sin etc.? When should someone get out of the spotlight? 4. What does Sola Scriptura mean? Why is it important ? What does it mean to believe in the bible as the ultimate authority? 5. When would you call the cops? music: dead bees, joel allen hess