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Ringside Preachers

Jan 3, 2018

Mary did you know? Do you hear what I hear? It's a new year so why not a new ringside! This is the long lost Christmas episode your parents told you about! Pop it in, hit play and sit back to what the late Burle Ives called 'magic.' TOPICS: 1. Favorite Christmas song? 2 Whaddya really think about Christmas/Easter folks? Is it right for people to look down on them? How should a pastor treat them? hmmm 3. Christmas and Communion. If you don't got communion right, I'm not sure you got the incarnation right or what does it mean when we confess Jesus is God and Man! Having communion on Christmas seems required if ya think about it. 4. Favorite Christmas movie? How about Die Hard? 5.What does it mean that Mary conceived Jesus through her left ear? music: intro - angels we have heard on high - willing virginia, she wants to hold you in her heart -ja hess, dead bees. outro - it aint christmas if it ain't free - ja hess