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Ringside Preachers

Jan 7, 2018

You don't run on treadmills even when 9 below. You'll drive an extra mile and wait an extra hour before you'll eat at some franchise. You drink your milk right from the jug and you won't apologize. You are a ringside listener and you deserve the best! Well we got it for you! TOPICS: 1. If Pot is legal, is it moral? Is it different than alcohol? Can a Christian enjoy it? 2. What the heck is epiphany? WE know what Christmas is, but why do we need epiphany? 3. PASTORS ARE COACHES? OF course not. But with all the talk of football coaches being fired and hired it certainly draws comparisons to peoples expectations of pastors. 4. How much water for a baptism? Why are our fonts so tiny in the lutheran church? Does it matter? Enjoy a little reading from an ancient christian resource called the Didache like our Facebook page - ringsidepreachers MUSIC: intro - dead bees outro - I don't want to be a rock n roll star - joel allenhess