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Ringside Preachers

Jan 21, 2018

Once again from the infamous Don Hall's Guesthouse in beautiful Ft. Wayne, IN, Ringside comes to you with its cup overflowing! If you like heated Bathroom floors, slightly worn 70s decor and towels that don't soak up water but instead move the water around your body while leaving a strange rash, then you will love this episode!!! While Ross Engel prepares to serve our country as a chaplain, an already accomplished chaplain, Graham Glover visits us from the Pentagon to take his comrade's place. We were also blessed with the man who works behind the scenes to make things happen - Rev. Tim Barkett! We also get a visit from a new regular to the show - the concerned seminarian! Other guests we were privileged to have join Paul & Joel: Rev. James Hopkins Rev. Timothy Winterstein Rev. Joel Krogen & wife Veronica Krogen ( a regular topic & sponsor submitter) Rev. Jonathan Holmes a concerned Seminarian and Sara our waitress! TOPICS: 1. LEX SEMPER ACCUSAT? Does it really always accuse? Is the Law eternal? What was the Law's use in Eden? Who cares? 2.RELIGIOUS LIBERTY & CHAPLAINCY. Graham explains what chaplains do and why they are important. We also enjoy a conversation about Religious Liberty 3.WHAT DO YOU TELL SOMEONE WHO IS FACING A DANGEROUS SURGERY OR FOUND OUT THEY HAVE SERIOUS ILLNESS? The pastors talk about how they approach the child of God 4. WHAT MAKES A GOOD MOVIE? Rev. Winterstein discusses is involvement with the Newport Beach film festival and what makes a good movie 5. JONAH & JESUS! Did Jonah really get swallowed by a great fish? What's the point of the story? Jonah wasn't afraid of Nineveh, he was afraid of God's mercy toward Nineveh 6. SHOULD COLLEGE ATHLETES GET PAID? The group wrestles with this sensitive and significant theological topic! All gloves are off! MUSIC intro - dead bees, I love my man outro - Wild Beasts, Joel Allen Hess website - like us Facebook - ringsidepreachers