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Ringside Preachers

Mar 26, 2018

Let us enter Jerusalem with the Savior's hand. Let us enter suffering with the savior's hand. Let us stand before our accuser with our Savior's hand. Let us step into the grave with the Savior's hand. Let us die and rise with our savior's hand! Special Holy Week Episode! TOPICS: 1. MAUNDY THURSDAY - Why 'maundy'? What does foot washing have to do with lord's supper? Why is the Seder supper silly? 2. GOOD FRIDAY - What's the greatest thing about worship services on this day? Is it emotional manipulation? Is it Jesus funeral? What is the stripes 3. STREPITUS = What's that! Concerned seminarian has some thoughts 4. ARE YOU READY FOR HOLY WEEK? Do you feel emotionally unavailable during this time. Did it come to soon? Are you worthy? 5. IS ORINIGAL SIN, TOTAL DEPRAVITY AN ESSENTIAL DOCTRINE? Augsburg Confession Art. 2. Why is it important to regularly teach the impossibility of man to do good? How is comforting? music: 1. Tim Ericksen Shape note singing - Idumea 2. Dead Bees - I love my man 3 Tim Ericksen Shape note singing - going home