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Ringside Preachers

May 2, 2018

At long last our missing episode has appeared! Your patience shall be rewarded! Grab a croissant, fine cup of Americano, put your copy of Edward Abbey's "Monkey Wrench Gang" down and enjoy the show! The concerned seminarian makes an appearance Ross Engel does not! But Cindy Koch fills win! topics: 1. REJECTING INFANT BAPTISM IS AKIN TO SUPPORTING ABORTION! ooooh did we really go there. Once again Hess says outlandish stuff....but is there a consistent logic? 2 WHY DO CHURCHES WHO BAPTIZE INFANTS HAVE SUCH RIDICULOUSLY SMALL BAPTISMAL FONTS? seriously! shouldn't we be immersing too? 3. DID JESUS LAUGH? Or was He angry all the time. Be honest! LAUGHTER IS A SIGN OF THE NEW HEAVEN AND NEW EARTH 4. WHEN IS OK TO TATTLE? An important lesson parents teach their kids - don't tattle. Yet is there a good time? Is our culture especially prone to tattling? 5. I AM THE VINE! John 15. The Dude Abides! What does Jesus mean? What does it have to do with justification and sanctification? Can we really just 'abide'. 6. LUTHER'S LETTER TO A SOLDIER. Do soldiers need forgiveness, even thought their vocation is holy? BOOKS Quoted: Rainer Marie Rilke - Duino Eligies James Joyce - the Dead Mark Twain - “I think a photograph is a most important document, and there is nothing more damning to go down to posterity than a silly, foolish smile caught and fixed forever,” MUSIC Dead Bees - I love my man Bach -prelude and fugue 5 Joel Allen Hess - I'll be coming home again - soundcloud/willingvirginia