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Ringside Preachers

May 20, 2018

"God save the queen and her fascist regime" Johnny Rotten said it best. So if you're done watching reruns of the 'royal' wedding, press play and listen to this royal mess of a show! Special guest - Pastor David Graves from Wartburg, Tennessee! follow us on Facebook. like and subscribe ToPIcS: 1. Prayer preaching! Seriously, choose one. Does your pastor sound like he is preaching instead of praying? Is it wrong? What about Johann Gerhard devotionals or Flannery O'Connor's prayer journal 2. NATURE IS HARD. For some time since the enlightenment we have been sold the fantasy that nature heals itself, that there is a utopia and oneness we can achieve in nature. 3. ATHANASIUS - Little guy with a big topic. What is the creed? Did he write it? Why don't the orthodox use it? Do you have to know the trinity to be saved? Is salvation up to one's intellectual assent to certain doctrines? 4. DID JESUS SLOUCH? Jordan Peterson encourages proper stances to increase saratonin and an alpha male attitude.