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Ringside Preachers

Jul 1, 2018

No matter what's going on in this country, it's gonna be alright! Christ reigns, forgiveness and life pour freely and liberally from His cup! So light your fire works, watch the chitlins chase fireflies, crack a cold one and enjoy another episode of your favorite podcast! Thank you for listening! Thanks to Tim Barkett for joining us. Great insight and greater laugh. follow us on Facebook - ringsidepreachers on the 1517 podcast network TOPICS: 1. GOD BUREAUCRACY? Is it possible? Does God approve of ultra organization? How is it bad, good? 2. WHY DO PEOPLE FORGET WHAT THE LEARNED SO QUICKLY! Tyler expresses frustration with our education system or the brains of our youth. He recalls a recent conversation with a young member who seemed to have forget everything she learned about God! What's the problem! What's the answer. 3.Mark 6:1-13 Jesus is rejected in his hometown. Why? He tells his disciples to wipe their feet off the doorsteps of people who did not receive them. Do we do that now? Do we ever just 'give up' on someone? Should we as Christians? 4. DOES THE WORD ALONE MAKES A SACRAMENT A SACRAMENT? Is that true? Why do we need to a resolution? Is there another agenda to this? Can a deacon give out holy communion? Can just anyone?