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Ringside Preachers

Jul 8, 2018

"The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, but in ourselves." Shakespeare (Julius Caesar) Please accept this unfortunate hodgepodge of dull conversation between foolish sinners for your listening pleasure Ross is back!!!! Ringside is a part of the 1517legacy podcast network! Check all the other great podcasts on We are JaggedWord production - check us out on Facebook and instagram under ringsidepreachers TOPICS: 1. ROSS NAVY CHAPLAIN STORIES. Ross tells us about his training to be navy chaplain as well as a couple of intriguing stories regarding other religious chaplaincies, sponsoring agencies etc. 2. INFANT BAPTISM IS NOT A PERIPHERIAL ISSUE BUT CENTRAL TO UNDERSTANDING THE ESSENCE OF CHRISTIANITY! If you don't believe in infant baptism than one must question your understanding the whole bible, God and Jesus! There is ONLY infant baptism 3. ORIGINALISM - Trump will be selecting the next supreme court justice. Conservatives usually like originalists or literalists regarding the constitution. What does that mean? Is it possible? 3. JESUS' HOMETOWN DIDNT ACCEPT HIM - Why? The gents discuss the upcoming gospel lesson as recorded in Mark 6 READ: Julius Caesar - William Shakespeare Amusing ourselves to death - Neil Postman Democracy in America - Alexis De Toqueville