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Ringside Preachers

Jul 26, 2018

come away, o human child! to the waters and the wild with a faery, hand in hand for the world's more full of weeping than you can understand - the Stolen Child, WB Yeats Come away for an hour an enjoy honest conversation about collision of God's Kingdom and the world! Ross is back! But our two other friends are off on adventures! Somehow by God's grace the two of us put together a whopper of a show! Enjoy A 1517legacy network podcast - friend us on Facebook, comment on itunes, like us on instagram A JaggedWord production TOPICS: 1. CAN YOU SEE THE BRIDE BEFORE THE WEDDING? Where did this tradition come from? Is it right or wrong? is there something special about seeing the bride fro the first time? duh! 2. IN GOD WE TRUST. Is this an ok American motto? Should it be on our coins? Is it too vague, boastful, misleading, inconsistent with our prohibition of the government establishing religion 3. Jesus walks on water! We discuss the Mark 6 incredible story of Jesus walking on the water and freaking the disciples out? What does it mean besides Jesus does cool things 4. WHAT DO YOU TELL A BOY AFRAID OF DEMONS? True story of a little man who tearfully confessed his house is haunted. What should you say to him? REFERENCES: Ethics, Dietrich Bonhoeffer Wholly Citizens, Joel Biermann The Stolen Child, W.B. Yeats Nicomachean Ethics, Aristotle MUSIC: I see a light, Joel Allen Hess I love my man, Dead Bees The stolen child, the Waterboys