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Ringside Preachers

Sep 5, 2018

For your listening pleasure. We will be experiencing some turbulence so the captain recommends you return to your seat, buckle up, pour a stiff drink and enjoy the ride. Concerned seminarian returns Brought to you by and We are a proud member of the 1517 podcast network, home of such fine audio offerings such as nanocasts - short devotions for the day Check us out on Facebook - ringsidepreachers, instagram, twitter topics: 1. How much do you need to know in order to receive communion? How soon can you take it and understand? Do you need to know how many books are in the bible? 2. How a pastor says goodbye to a church he loves! Rev. Hess has accepted a call to St. James, Chicago. Excited about the future, yet so difficult to say goodbye to people you love. Why calls? When is it good to go or stay? What the heck is God doing? 3. Mark 7 - Jesus tells us that our problem is us - its whats on the inside that makes us suck