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Ringside Preachers

Feb 16, 2022

We believe in the Holy Christian Church, which is the body of Christ. Ringside Preachers are "In the Ring" for this Podcast Symposia in Ft. Wayne, Indiana with Special Guest Dr. Arthur Just.



  1. Help in suffering and grief: the Lord’s Supper
  2. I believe in the church that’s the Body of Christ
  3. Identify with Death, proclaim death
  4. Marriage is the Church
  5. Taking care of Jesus’ body
  6. Liturgy of Liberation



Dr. Arthur Just


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Willing Virginia on Spotify, iTunes, SoundCloud

Dead Horse One - I love my man


Other stuff:

Some Keep the Sabbath Going to Church, Emily Dickinson 

Heaven on Earth, Arthur Just

Our Bodies Tell Gods Story, Christopher West

Theology of the Body, Pope John Paul II

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